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3 Tree Care Tasks You Should Do to Prepare for Spring & Summer April 12, 2017

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3 Tree Care Tasks You Should Do to Prepare for Spring & Summer, Snow Hill, Missouri

Spring is every yard lover’s favorite time of year, as its arrival means trees are becoming green again and their blooms soon will arrive. If you want your trees to have a healthy start to the season, K V Tree Service in Troy, MO, recommends completing a few simple tasks. These tree care experts provide exceptional service to St. Louis-area residents and will help your landscaping flourish.

Tree Care to Prepare for Spring & Summer


Most trees, especially shade and ornamental trees like oaks and dogwoods, should be pruned in the winter. However, some trees can be pruned during the hottest summer months because insects tend to have reduced activity during this time and are less likely to cause an infection. If you have fruit trees or varieties that produce blossoms, tree pruning is best done in the spring during the blooming stage. Doing this too early could result in a premature bloom, and your trees’ fruit might be lost if you have a late frost.


Tree care Troy MOSpring is an excellent time to place mulch around your trees. Adding a layer of shredded bark, wood chips, cocoa hulls, gravel, or compost will help the soil around your tree stay cool and retain moisture during the warm months ahead. It also will limit weed growth and soil decomposition. Spread mulch 2–3 inches thick around the base of the tree, extending several feet into the surrounding yard.


As with pruning, you need to schedule different fertilizing times if you have a mix of shade, ornamental, and fruit trees in your yard. Fruit trees need to be fertilized at specific points throughout the crop growth, usually around the late bloom stage and near the end of June. Their fertilizer also should contain sufficient zinc and iron. Shade and ornamental trees, on the other hand, should be fertilized in late winter because the nitrogen in the product will aid tree growth in the spring.

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