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4 Tips for Mixing Wood Finishes: Home Improvement Team Shares May 2, 2017

Lower Washington - Mount Hope, Boston
4 Tips for Mixing Wood Finishes: Home Improvement Team Shares, Boston, Massachusetts

Although it’s acceptable and preferable not to perfectly match all of the interior design elements of a room, many people remain hesitant about mixing different wood finishes. However, there’s no need to shy away from integrating a variety of wood tones into one space since this will achieve a more charming and visually interesting look. According to the home improvement specialists at Bargain Outlet, the key is learning how to combine varying shades with one another successfully.

Below, they provide a few tips on putting together the ideal setting for assorted wood finishes to coexist:

  • Limit the Number of Shades You Use: As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to limit the number of wood finishes you mix to two or three. Pieces should be placed deliberately throughout the room to establish a sense of balance, as adding any more variations than this can begin to affect the uniformity of the space.

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  • Start With Large Areas as a Basis for Design: It has become a popular trend in home improvement to use wood for flooring, walls, and ceilings. Since these are large areas, it’s best to choose your wood tones for these surfaces first, and then, work around them. This will be the dominant tone and set the stage for all of the other design accents you incorporate.
  • Choose the Same Undertones: All wood has a certain undertone that you should pay attention to when selecting building supplies, furniture, and accessories. Although the colors don’t have to match, the undertone should be kept consistently warm or cool to ensure a complementary environment.   
  • Use Rugs to Help Make a Transition: When placing wood furniture on wood floors, it’s best to have a smooth transition between the two. Placing down rugs will help to break up the monotony of similar colors or keep too much attention from being drawn to the contrasting tones.

Using these strategies will help you seamlessly utilize different wood finishes as you please in your interior design. With 37 locations throughout Connecticut, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, Bargain Outlet makes it easy to find all of the materials you need to create an appealing living environment. Visit the website for more information on available products and to find a store near you.  

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