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Traditional Vs. Design-Build Construction: How the Methods Compare April 20, 2017

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Traditional Vs. Design-Build Construction: How the Methods Compare , Springfield, Missouri

Constructing a building is a massive undertaking, with many details to consider. One of the first choices to make when you are considering a construction company for your commercial build project is whether to use traditional or design-build construction. These project delivery techniques have significant differences, and knowing how they vary will help you make a choice.

Traditional Construction

Design-build construction Springfield MOFor a traditional build, the project owner contracts with several people or companies for the design and construction of the project. They first hire an architect to design the building.

Once the plans are drawn, engineers and other design professionals review them, and the documents are generated for bid review. Next, the plans go up for bid to general contractors or construction companies, who then receive bids from subcontractors. Once these bids are collected and reviewed, the company with the lowest bid usually wins the project. The third step of the process is the construction phase, when the general contractor oversees the work of the subcontractors until the project is completed.

There are several benefits to the traditional construction process. It ensures fairness in bidding and gives the project owner options on whom to hire. However, because the general contractor is hired after all plans have been approved, there is no room for them to offer suggestions or changes that might benefit the building. Also, designers might not be up to date on construction costs, so approved plans could be subject to increased expense due to this oversight. Finally, basing the hiring of contractors on the lowest bid doesn’t ensure the highest quality.

Design-Build Construction

Design-build construction relies on a single point of responsibility. An owner hires a design-build unit, then these professionals hire sub-consultants directly. Having the design and construction decisions made by one entity centralizes the responsibility for timing, costs, and quality. It also ensures best-value solutions can be addressed at the beginning of the build because of the teamwork and communication among the contractor, engineers, and subcontractors.

Adjustments in planning can be addressed at the start of the build, eliminating costly changes that would occur further down the line in a traditional build. This streamlined project delivery method also saves time by eliminating miscommunication between the project owner and team. The reduced cost and quicker build are two important benefits of design-build construction.

Williams Construction Company is a full-service commercial building company that has been serving the Springfield, MO, area for almost 40 years. They take pride in their design-build construction work and will deliver high-quality results for any commercial project. Call (417) 862-4171 to speak with a member of their team and visit their website for more information about the construction company’s services.
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