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What to Anticipate When Having Hardwood Flooring Installed April 14, 2017

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What to Anticipate When Having Hardwood Flooring Installed, Barnesville, Ohio

Choosing your hardwood flooring is only the first step when it comes to changing the floors in your home. It’s the main part that impacts your life the most: the installation. The contractors at Flag Floors of Barnesville in Ohio have learned over the years not all homeowners are prepared for how a new floor installation can cause upheaval their life. Knowing what to expect will help you prepare for the project with more success.

What to Expect During Your Hardwood Flooring Installation

Home Inspection

Before the date of installation, your contractor should visit your home to inspect and measure the area. While they are there, you should find out how long they expect the installation to take so you can better prepare and arrange your home for the duration of the project.

flooring-barnesville-ohOff-Limit Areas

To improve how your flooring contractors work, you should avoid using all rooms where new hardwood floor is being installed. This means before they arrive to work, you should remove from these areas all objects that could get in the installer's way. If these rooms are walkways to other rooms, you will need to make plans to relocate important items from these inaccessible places.  Also, once the floor is fully installed and finished, you should still steer clear of these areas until the new flooring has been allowed to settle and dry.


Although today’s hardwood flooring contractors use dust containment systems, it's not 100 percent effective at removing dust. This means it is possible for dust to spread to surrounding areas. To avoid having your home covered in dust, be sure to add coverings over items and between areas where work is not occurring.

When you want to improve one or more rooms in your home with hardwood flooring, contact the experts at Flag Floors of Barnesville for help. Contact them today by calling (740) 425-3344. You can also visit their website to learn about their other options, including carpet, tile, and vinyl flooring and like them on Facebook to see some of their more recent flooring projects.