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Top 4 Reasons to Buy a Used Luxury Car Over a Standard Sedan April 27, 2017

Richmond Hill, Queens
Top 4 Reasons to Buy a Used Luxury Car Over a Standard Sedan, Queens, New York

When you’re shopping for a used car, there’s always the temptation to go with something practical, like a standard sedan. However, when buying used, luxury vehicles become more realistic than you think. The experts at Queens Auto Mall, a car superstore known for their selection and professionalism in NYC, explain below why you should make your next purchase a used luxury car instead of a run-of-the-mill sedan.

Here’s what they have to say:

  • used-carPrice Depreciation Makes It Worth It: While you may not be able to afford a new luxury car, most models depreciate significantly after a few years on the road. That means that premium models only two or three years old will be within your price range.
  • Build Quality: With a low-end sedan, you might spend more on repairs because the quality simply won’t be as reliable. Luxury cars are precision-engineered and use only the highest quality parts, craftsmanship, and assembly techniques, so they can work better and last longer. Parts may be more expensive to replace, but you’ll replace them less often with a luxury used car.
  • Safety Features: All standard sedans have the required airbags and seatbelts. But advanced safety features like lane and brake assist, backup sensors, and rear-view cameras can make the difference between avoiding an accident and becoming a statistic. For used car shoppers buying for families, these premium safety features are even more important.
  • Performance: A car that performs well isn’t just more fun; it’s also safer to drive. Luxury cars tend to have more responsive handling and acceleration than standard sedans, giving you a better chance of evading obstacles on the road.

Whether the used car you’re looking for is luxury or something more basic, Queens Auto Mall has one of the best selections of used cars in NYC, with more than 500 pre-owned vehicles in stock and public auto auctions. Call (718) 523-9090 to speak to a used car sales rep or visit their website to learn about their online credit approval process.

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