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What Is Domestic Violence Counseling? April 14, 2017

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What Is Domestic Violence Counseling?, Rochester, New York

Domestic abuse is a specialized field within the counseling spectrum due to the complexity, sensitivity, and darkness synonymous with violent relationships. A domestic violence counselor strives to help and support individuals in these relationships by providing safe environments to discuss their situations and educating them on their options, so they don’t feel trapped or helpless. Domestic violence counseling may also include assistance in legal settings, should the victims want to leave their abusers. 

What Is Domestic Violence Counseling?

Domestic violence counseling professionals frequently work at nonprofit organizations, including shelters and advocacy groups, to educate and empower victims suffering in violent situations. This form of mental health counseling is one of many special services available at counseling centers.

domestic violence counselingIt can include one-on-one therapy, as well as group sessions, so victims can meet with others in abusive relationships and share their experiences. Many victims of abusive relationships came from abusive homes or saw related trauma firsthand that deeply affected their sense of self-worth. Sometimes, victims who experience a series of abusive relationships stay because it’s what they’re familiar with and believe they deserve.

The goal of domestic violence counseling is to end the cycle of abuse and help victims understand they don’t have to remain in violent relationships. Counselors assist victims in recognizing “red flags” indicative of a person’s abusive nature, and they also help them develop self-esteem. They are often key players in helping victims find safe havens after leaving dangerous situations.

Domestic violence counseling also involves supporting victims once they leave their partners, as the psychological effects of abuse do not go away simply because the person has left. Helping victims during this time is vital to ensuring they don’t return to their relationships and instead, focus on their new lives and making healthy choices.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, take the first step on the road to recovery by calling White Spruce Counseling in Rochester, NY, today at (585) 424-2436. You can also visit the mental health counseling facility online for additional information about domestic abuse counseling options.

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