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What Are Carpet Cleaners Charging You For That You Could Get For Free? November 17, 2014

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What Are Carpet Cleaners Charging You For That You Could Get For Free?, Florence, Kentucky

There are many hidden costs that carpet cleaning companies are not telling their customers about. How do they get away with it? Initial quotes "as advertised" do not include hidden charges for pet enzyme treatments or extra service charges for heavily trafficked areas. But, that is precisely how many carpet cleaning companies make their money! 

At Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning, they know that many people not only need to hire carpet cleaners for annual maintenance, but also to avoid allergies, asthma and medical conditions associated with bacteria build-up. That is why Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning offers all-inclusive quotes and won’t charge you extra to get your carpets in tip-top shape.

Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning service quotes include:

  • Stairways: Many companies charge customers extra per stairway. You shouldn’t have to pay extra just because your home is duplexed!
  • Spot-removal: Carpet-cleaning companies are going out of their way to charge you per spot. If you are anything like the ordinary American family, imagine how much that could set you back?
  • Pre-Sprays: If your household does not remove their outdoor shoes, chances are you are going to need a pre-spray. A pre-spray prepares your carpet for steaming by loosening up stubborn dirt. A good carpet cleaner will not charge extra for pre-sprays. After all, how else do they expect to remove lingering dirt?
  • Pet Enzyme Treatments: If you have a pet, you could be set back a considerable amount with odor-eliminating enzyme treatments. With the right carpet cleaners, your family’s best friends should not cost you extra.
  • Heavily Trafficked Areas: Particularly, if you need carpet cleaning for a commercial space, original quotes are likely to skyrocket. Avoid the headache by calling the right service.

Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning uses only biodegradable and non-toxic products that are 100% safe for children and pets. As a premier carpet cleaning company, the real work gets done with their truck-mounted commercial grade steaming equipment. If you want the best carpet cleaners to assess your needs call (859) 307-5690 or visit Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning online.

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