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Auto Repair Specialist Explains Why You Should Always Listen to Your Car April 6, 2017

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Auto Repair Specialist Explains Why You Should Always Listen to Your Car, Anchorage, Alaska

Several malfunctions can go unnoticed in your vehicle for some time—neglecting to resolve them with prompt auto repair can be costly and inconvenient. But paying attention to unusual sounds coming from your car can help you catch problems before they get out of hand. Dean’s Automotive Service Center offers the highest quality auto repair and maintenance services in Anchorage, AK. Their seasoned technicians are keenly attuned to the various sounds coming from your car and can recognize a problem when they hear one.

Below, they share reasons why you should listen to your car:

  • Prevents Damages from Getting Worse: Learning to listen to what your car is telling you can help you spot problems before they are at their worst. For example, a hissing noise from under the hood of the car could mean you have bad alternator bearings. Ignoring that problem for too long could result in the need for an entirely new alternator system.
  • auto repairSaves You Money on Auto Repair: Usually, the bigger the car problem, the more costly it is to repair. So, let’s say you allowed your alternator to break down instead of fixing the bearings when you should have. The parts and labor cost for a new alternator could run up to $1000 versus spending about $100 to replace the bearings.
  • Won’t Catch You Off Guard: Car troubles can catch you when you least expect them. Learning to listen to your car removes the element of surprise when dealing with repairs and allows you to avoid the inconvenience of a broken-down vehicle.

Take better care of your car by keeping an ear out for signs of trouble. If you hear strange sounds emitting from your car and think that there might be a problem, contact the auto repair experts at Dean’s Automotive Service Center. Call (907) 276-5731 or find out more about their premium auto mechanic services by visiting their website.

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