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4 Reasons to Choose a Local, Independent Pharmacy April 11, 2017

Westwood, Cincinnati
4 Reasons to Choose a Local, Independent Pharmacy, Cincinnati, Ohio

When it comes to choosing a pharmacy, consumers have a lot of options these days—and the market is saturated with national chains. But selective consumers who want an outstanding customer experience are looking to their independent neighborhood pharmacies for prescriptions and over-the-counter medical needs. But, what can a local pharmacy offer that a national chain doesn’t?

4 Reasons to Pick Your Local Pharmacy

1. Excellent Customer Service

Your medication is an essential part of your overall health care. National chains can be a revolving door of employees, but at a local pharmacy, you may be served by the owner or long-time employees. This allows you to build a relationship with your pharmacist, who will get to know your medical history and medication needs.

2. Expanded Services

pharmacyUnhampered by the decisions of a corporate office, a local pharmacy can offer a wider array of services that are tailored to the needs of the community. Home delivery of your prescriptions is one major neighborhood pharmacy service that will make getting your prescriptions a breeze. Vaccinations are another service you may find at your local pharmacy.

3. Shorter Wait Times

Have you ever arrived at the pharmacy only to find your prescription was not ready? Probably not, if you use a locally owned pharmacy. Chain pharmacies can be understaffed, which results in longer wait times for you. Only 4% of local pharmacy customers report long wait times for prescriptions, according to a Consumer Reports study.

4. Opportunity to Support a Locally Owned Business

When you shop at your local pharmacy, you’re supporting an individual or family who is invested in your community because they live there, too. If you want more of your consumer dollars to stay in your town, rather than going to shareholders or corporate executives, a local pharmacy is your best choice.


Hart Pharmacy has been serving the west side of Cincinnati, OH, since 1960. This family-owned pharmacy offers personalized customer service and free home delivery prescriptions. If you’re ready for the exceptional service you deserve from a pharmacy, call them at (513) 471-1605 to transfer your prescriptions today, or contact a pharmacy staff member online with questions.  

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