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Lose Age, Inches with Tribeca Spa's Ionithermie, Catio Lift December 20, 2013

Tribeca, Manhattan
Lose Age, Inches with Tribeca Spa's Ionithermie, Catio Lift, Manhattan, New York

When Toni Senecal of Toni In! New York, on WPIX, walked into Tribeca Spa of Tranquility, she gave a quick and resounding nod of approval. Praising this day spa for having earned its prestigious reputation, as one of the nine best spas in the world according to W magazine, the critic detailed three of the spa's best treatments. Having only positive things to say about the specially designed Korean Body Scrub, Senecal shared another fondness for Tribeca Spa's Ionithermie treatment and Catio Lift treatment.

As one of the spa's latest and most effective body treatments, the skin replenishing and weight loss results of the Ionithermie treatment are felt and seen instantly. This incredibly popular treatment targets the skin's elasticity, reduces cellulite, and tones the body's muscles while trimming inches. Spa-goers who have participated in the Ionithermie treatment have reported results of 5 to 8 inches off of the body and instant weight loss!

With a simple Ionithermie wrap, typically made of a warm conductive clay, algae, kelp and ivy, clients are fully wrapped with the Ionithermie wrap. The body is thoroughly lathered with creams and gels enriched with vitamins A, B and C that replenish minerals in the skin. In just 60 minutes, the body is detoxed of impurities and dead skin cells, and several excess inches are shed around the waist, thighs and arms.

The Ionithermie treatment is so soothing to the body it is often used to alleviate arthritis, rheumatism and joint pain.

The third treatment featured on Senecal's Tribeca Spa special is the Catio Lift. This anti-aging, surgery-defying treatment is offered exclusively to Tribeca Spa clients. It is the only New York City area spa to offer this non-surgical facelift procedure to redefine, revitalize, firm and tone the face. A Catio Lift peels years off of your complexion while smoothing your facial features and lifting the skin through muscle stimulation, draining maneuvers and a revitalizing massage.

In a 45-minute express lift, or a 100-minute deluxe lift, your face can be rejuvenated and reborn through Catio Lift. Take advantage of Tribeca Spa's facial and lift discounts from Monday, April 9 to Sunday, April 29. The discounts are $50 for a 45-minute treatment, and $79 for a one-hour facial. Peels and lifts are $89 each.

To make an appointment for Tribeca Spa of Tranquility's Ionithermie or Catio Lift online by clicking here or call (212) 226-4141.