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3 Reasons Zeal Adventure & Travel Is the Ultimate Teen Summer Leadership Program April 10, 2017

White Plains, Westchester
3 Reasons Zeal Adventure & Travel Is the Ultimate Teen Summer Leadership Program, White Plains, New York

Every high school student looks forward to summer break. While most teens spend their free time in front of the television, make this the best summer of your adolescent’s life by enrolling them in a teen summer leadership program offered by Zeal Adventure & Travel. This program, based in White Plains, NY, provides summer community service trips to fantastic destinations like Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada. Here are three reasons you should sign your teen up for one of their leadership programs today.  

3 Reasons to Choose a Zeal Adventure & Travel Teen Summer Leadership Program

1. Challenge Your Teen to Grow

Zeal Adventure & Travel is focused on providing healthy challenges to their participants. Daily itineraries are much more than just a teen tour. They include activities with the intention of pushing participants outside of their comfort zone so they learn how to overcome obstacles, think critically, work as a team, and build confidence in their capabilities. These traits will assist them, not only throughout high school, but into their adult life as well. 

2. Help Them Make a Difference

teen summer leadershipWith Zeal Adventure & Travel’s teen summer leadership programs, students will work to proactively make a positive difference in someone else's life. Activities may include building homes, working with animals, or restoring a Hawaiian forest. The work completed each day and the time spent conversing with locals will enhance your teen’s confidence and ensure they make a lasting and meaningful impact on the world they live in.  

3. Teach Them to Lead by Doing

Leaders are active, and by getting out into the world and involving themselves in a good cause, your teen will develop valuable leadership skills, as well as confidence in their own abilities. They may even inspire others to get involved in a cause they care about.

Teen travel camps are an excellent way for your high school student to spend their summer vacation. With the help of Zeal Adventure & Travel’s teen summer leadership program, your student will grow by being challenged. They’ll also create lasting relationships and learn valuable leadership skills. To learn more or enroll your teen today, visit the Zeal Adventure & Travel website or call (844) 282-9325.