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Industrial Hardware Supplier Shares 3 Essentials for Warehouse Safety April 24, 2017

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Industrial Hardware Supplier Shares 3 Essentials for Warehouse Safety, Dalton, Georgia

With many rows of shelving and towering stacks of items, a warehouse requires a considerable workforce, an effective management style, and an emphasis on safety. A lot is happening all at once, so proper procedures are paramount. Caylor Industrial Sales in Dalton, GA, has been a trusted supplier of industrial hardware to businesses throughout the region, and protecting workers always has been their priority. Whether it's pipe fittings or tube hangers, they ensure all the fixtures they sell are safety compliant. For those tasked with managing a warehouse, Caylor Industrial Sales recommends you have your staff use a few key types of protective gear.

Industrial Hardware Company’s 3 Essentials for Warehouse Safety

High-Visibility Outerwear

The more conspicuous a worker is, the better. Regardless of the size of your operation, warehouse employees benefit from wearing bright, reflective vests or jackets. For example, it's common for workers to drive forklifts in warehouse settings, so it’s best to ensure everyone can be seen easily to avoid an accident.

Protective Headgear

Industrial hardware Dalton GAEvery worker should wear a hard hat when moving around tall shelves filled with products. In addition to being a top industrial hardware supplier, Caylor Industrial Sales also fabricates structural steel and metal alloys, so they're familiar with the strength and rigidity of heavy metal structures. In the event of a falling item or accidental bump with the shelving, a hard hat will prevent a head injury.

Steel-Toed Shoes

Protective shoes are crucial safety gear for anyone moving around a warehouse. You never know when a heavy item will fall off a crowded shelf or pallet, but heavy boots with steel toes will protect your feet from the impact.

If you want to learn more about workplace safety, Caylor Industrial Sales has an informative post about the topic on their website. For more information about their services and industrial hardware products, including custom-machined parts, call (706) 226-3198 or view their catalog online.

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