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Home Improvement: Bathroom Renovation Trends 2017 April 11, 2017

Walpole, Norfolk
Home Improvement: Bathroom Renovation Trends 2017, Walpole, Massachusetts

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your kitchen is where you do your best experimenting, and your bathroom has been overlooked until now. Renovating your bathroom is a surefire way to make your home feel more comfortable and modern. From quick fixes, like changing out handle pulls on bathroom cabinetry to long haul redesigns, there’s something incredibly satisfying about switching up your bathroom.

When you’re in need of appliances to reinvent your bathroom, look no further than Bargain Outlet in East Hartford, CT. The home improvement store has everything you need to transform the look and feel of your bathroom; check out some ideas below for inspiration:

Alternative Showerheads

Is there anything more luxurious than stepping into your dream shower? Ditch the showerhead that never streams correctly, and opt for something more comforting. Rain showerheads, handheld showering sprays, and showers with multiple showerheads continue to grow in popularity this year. Investing in your shower is like investing in a good mattress—you’ll want to spend more time in there, and you’ll get an extravagant getaway from daily life in the comfort of your home.

Open Spaces

home improvement

In previous years, home developers would create dividers within bathrooms to section off the shower from the toilet and vanity area. In contemporary design, open spaces allow the room to feel more open and inviting. Similarly, try swapping out your shower doors for see-through glass panels. This simple home improvement allows more light to flow through the room.

Accent Walls

One quick home improvement tip to spruce up any tired bathroom is adding an accent wall. Choose a wall that’s the natural focal point of the room, and add a splash of colorful paint or some shimmering tiles to add contrast and dimension to your space. Not only does this make your space feel more inviting, but it makes your bathroom feel more modern as well.

Renovating your bathroom is efficient and affordable when you visit Bargain Outlet. For a complete list of their offerings, visit the website. To speak with someone directly for further assistance, call (860) 282-0262.

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