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Drug Testing Employees? Here's How to Choose a Drug Panel April 10, 2017

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Drug Testing Employees? Here's How to Choose a Drug Panel, Artesia, New Mexico

Employers have a variety of options when it comes to drug testing their employees. But how do you know which panel is right for your workforce? First, it helps to consider why companies test their employees for substance abuse. Choosing the right panel may come down to a specific work culture, concerns over absenteeism, or risk of injury on the job. Connecting with a knowledgable Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional, or a DOT SAP, can help guide your panel decision. 

drug testingThe most common type of drug panel is a five-panel urine drug test. In this assessment, a single specimen is screened for five different substances. A typical test will look for the presence of amphetamines, PCP, cocaine, opiates, and marijuana. However, with marijuana legalization on the rise, this aspect of the panel may not apply to your company.

Employers whose workers operate heavy machinery or engage in a high-risk occupation may want to extend their panels to cover 10 substances. These tests look for the aforementioned drugs as well as those that cause sleepiness, such as Methadone, Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates, Quaaludes and Propoxyphene. Still, other industries may seek panels that test for focus-enhancing substances.

Not all companies are legally required to drug test their employees, but there are some industry-specific standards. For instance, the Department of Transportation in New Mexico mandates a five-panel test for all drivers before they are hired, in addition to random drug tests. It’s also common for health aides to undergo an eight-panel drug test due to the amount of substances they handle on a daily basis.


The DOT-qualified SAPs at Artesia Drug & Alcohol Screening of New Mexico offer drug and alcohol testing that covers a broad range of substances. They also allow employers to create a custom drug-testing package to suit their specific needs. To connect with a DOT-qualified SAP who provides fast and friendly service, call (575) 746-3404 or visit their website today.

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