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Judgment Enforcement vs. Debt Collection: What’s the Difference? April 12, 2017

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Judgment Enforcement vs. Debt Collection: What’s the Difference? , Auburn, New York

If a court has made a judgment in your favor, you are no doubt eagerly awaiting collection of your monetary award. However, you may require the assistance of a judgment enforcement company if the other party refuses to pay; CJC Judgment & Paralegal Services can assist you recovering what is rightfully yours. Capably serving clients in Auburn NY,  and all of NYS since 2013, this multi-faceted paralegal service can assist in a number of matters. They can also help you understand the difference between judgment enforcement and debt collection by clarifying the following points.

Judgment Enforcement vs. Debt Collection

judgment enforcementIn general, debt collections agencies utilize very limited methods when pursuing outstanding debt. These can include things like making phone calls, sending correspondence through the mail, and enlisting a representative to appear in person. Conversely, judgment enforcement companies make use of more aggressive methods that are allowable by state laws.

How A Judgment Is Enforced

A judgment enforcement company may be able to garnish the debtor’s wages in order to recoup money owed, enlist a lien on assets or even seize property as collateral. They can also track debtors, called skip tracing,  that have fled the location where the judgment was made, which many debt collection companies are simply not capable of. There are many methods that can be utilized according to current laws, and the right company will make use of all available options.

  The Role of the Court

While the court is integral in  making the initial judgment, the responsibility for enforcing the payment is considered the responsibility of the person whom the judgment was in favor of, and as a result a whopping 80% of debt is never recovered due to lack of resources, time or money.

Whether you are seeking a process server, paralegal services or notary public in Auburn, NY or need help pursuing an outstanding court ordered judgment anywhere in New York State, CJC Judgment & Paralegal Services is here to help you. Call (315) 256-0601 to learn more, or visit them online for the full range of services available.

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