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Never Ignore These 3 Signs You Need Auto Service April 10, 2017

Hill, New Haven
Never Ignore These 3 Signs You Need Auto Service, New Haven, Connecticut

If your car needs auto service like tune-ups or repairs, chances are, it’s already showing you warning signs that you might not have noticed. The Tire Doctor is a family-owned auto service shop in New Haven, Connecticut, and below are their picks for the top three signs your car needs to be inspected by a mechanic as soon as possible.

Top 3 Signs Your Car Needs an Auto Repair Shop

1. Strange Sounds

If your vehicle is making sounds you never noticed before, it’s a good sign something needs repairs. Whether it’s squeaking breaks, grinding during gear shifts, or a loud rumble in your engine, call your mechanic whenever you hear new noises. Most problems will be minor if they’re caught early and can be fixed affordably before they turn into more expensive repairs.

auto-service2. Jerking, Shaking, or Wobbling

Noticing a change in your car’s handling? Feeling a shaking or rumbling sensation beneath your seat or pedals? Feel a hard jerk whenever your vehicle shifts gears? Any changes in the feel of your car’s ride or performance are potentially bad signs and could indicate the need for anything from transmission repair to a tire alignment.

3. Sudden Reduction in Gas Mileage

If you notice your gas tank is suddenly draining faster than usual, it means something is causing your engine to work less efficiently. An auto service can check everything from the oil level to the air filter to find the culprit.

If you’re in the New Haven area and notice these signs, bring your car straight to The Tire Doctor. In addition to general auto repair work, they offer everything from tire sales to oil changes with knowledgeable, honest garage staff. Make an appointment at (203) 787-1281 or visit their website to learn more about their family-owned business.

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