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Exciting Specialty Food Trends You Have to Try April 7, 2017

Ridgewood, Queens
Exciting Specialty Food Trends You Have to Try, Queens, New York

Specialty foods have returned to grace in recent years. With the latest wellness movement, people are trying everything from gluten-free pizza to reishi mushroom tea. In 2017, it appears kale will be replaced with a host of other food trends to try, including…charcoal? Whether you’re looking for craft beer, fresh fish, or cold pressed juice, Billy’s Marketplace in Ridgewood, New York, is your one-stop shop for high-quality ingredients and gourmet fare. 

Top 5 Food Trends in 2017

1. Fresh Meat from the Butcher

Shoppers nowadays are more conscious of sustainable farming practices and the way their food is processed. That’s why butchers have become more popular with meat eaters. More supermarkets are now equipped with butcher stations for convenience.

2. Nutritional Yeast

Often used as a cheese substitute in vegan recipes, nutritional yeast is now popping up in restaurants. At home, it can be sprinkled on popcorn for a nutritional boost.

specialty foods3. Mustard Greens

Kale is taking a back seat this year to a variety of more sustainable greens, including mustard and beet greens, seaweed, and carrot tops.

4. Exotic Yogurt

If you like yogurt but are trying to avoid cow’s milk, there are now a range of specialty yogurts made from different kinds of dairy, including sheep’s milk, coconut milk, goat’s milk, and even buffalo milk.

5. Charcoal

Charcoal has recently been an attractive addition to skincare products for its ability to attract dirt, but it is now being added to food for its detoxifying properties, including ice cream!

Whether your specialty food run includes an in-house butcher or craft beer, Billy’s Marketplace in Ridgewood, New York, has something for everyone. Stop by today to check out their selection of gourmet foods, or call (718) 456-1007.

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