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Auto Repair Experts Reveal 3 Things You Should Know About Your Transmission Fluid April 7, 2017

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Auto Repair Experts Reveal 3 Things You Should Know About Your Transmission Fluid, East Haven, Connecticut

Transmission fluid is used to lubricate many of your vehicle’s moving parts, ensuring a smooth driving experience. If the fluid level or quality goes down, the clutch may slip, shifting gears may become difficult, and the system may overheat because of too much friction. Having it checked and, if necessary, refilled should be part of your auto repair service routine. 

Affordable Transmissions is the leading provider of transmission service in New Haven, CT. Their auto repair experts list a few things you should know about your car’s fluid:

  • Type of Fluid Your Vehicle Needs: This depends on the transmission system your car uses. An automatic system uses automatic transmission fluid (ATF), while manual systems can use motor oil or heavyweight hypoid gear oil. There are also different specifications available, such as Type F, Dexron/Mercon, HFM, and Synthetic. Consult your owner’s manual or mechanic to determine which one is compatible with your vehicle.

  • auto repair New Haven CTWhen to Change Your Fluid: When your vehicle’s transmission fluid turns black or smells burnt, it should be replaced immediately. Dirty fluid is not effective and can even damage your car. You should plan to change your fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles for optimal performance.

  • Why You Should Keep Your Transmission Cool: Many transmission problems are caused by overheating. To avoid this, you should install a cooler, which keeps the fluid at the right temperature. Keeping up with your manufacturer or mechanic’s recommended fluid change schedule also reduces your risk of overheating. 

To keep your transmission system in good working order, you need an auto repair shop that has the experience and expertise to help you. Affordable Transmissions is a certified repair company with a team of well-trained mechanics who can tackle any issue. Contact them at (203) 466-6580 or visit their website for more information about the car services they provide.

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