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5 Steps to Creating Personalized Wine at One of Kailua's Best Wineries May 2, 2018

Kailua, Koolaupoko
5 Steps to Creating Personalized Wine at One of Kailua's Best Wineries, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

Do you love wine? Have you always dreamed of creating a personalized wine blend? Are you interested in learning more about winemaking? Fortunately for you, Oahu’s only winery, Oeno Winemaking allows you to do just that. This winery provides you with a tour, tasting, and the opportunity to create your own blend. Once your blend is ready, you can take it home and enjoy it independently or with friends.

Continue reading to learn how you can make your own blend at Oeno Winemaking. Here are five steps to creating personalized wine: 

1. Come in for the Tour

First, visit the Oeno Winemaking facility for a tour. During your tour, you can sample some of their 150 different wine selections. You will learn to taste the difference of a sulfate-free wine and recognize certain fruit and wood notes.

2. Choose Your Blend

After you have chosen the type of wine you would like, and which notes you would like to include, you can place your order. After your order is placed, it will take four to six weeks for your wine to fully ferment and be ready for corking.

3. Design Your Labels & Check on Progresswineries

While you wait for your wine to fully ferment and be ready to enjoy, you’ll need to design your label. The label can include a picture, your name, or highlight a special event. The staff from Oeno Winemaking recommend coming in during this time to discuss label ideas and check in on the progress of your wine.

4. Come Back for Your Bottling Party

Once your wine is ready, you will be invited back to the Oeno Winemaking wineries to bottle and cork your wine. Many patrons chose to make this a fun event by inviting friends, serving appetizers, and playing music while they bottle their signature wine.

5. Enjoy

After you have bottled your wine, it’s all yours. You can choose to add it to your collection, store it in a wine cellar, or hand out bottles as souvenirs for a party or wedding.

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For more information and to schedule your visit, call (808) 263-6366. For more information on winemaking, or to learn about the Oeno Winemaking Wine Club, Please visit our website.

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