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Local Pet Sitting Service Spotlights 3 Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog April 12, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
Local Pet Sitting Service Spotlights 3 Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog, Manhattan, New York

Being single in the city can be exciting and freeing, but it may be a bit lonely at times. More and more, pet sitting services across New York City see young, single people get dogs. If you’re looking to bring a new friend home, Pet Fashion and Grooming wants you to think about a few points before stocking up on pet supplies and adding to your family.

Pet Sitting Service on What to Consider Before Getting a Dog

pet sittingDo You Have the Time & Space?

The number one factor potential dog owners should consider is whether they have both the time and space for a pet. While some pets such as hamsters and fish require minimal time and can live happily almost anywhere, dogs require a time commitment and thrive in environments tailored to them. If you want a dog, figure out whether you have the time and space to train, walk, and play with the new puppy.

Can You Afford a Dog?

The expenses of owning a dog go beyond feeding them. Too many people fail to realistically assess the cost of a pet and find themselves surprised. Before purchasing, think about all of the not-so-obvious costs, such as pet grooming, training classes, pet sitters for when you leave town, and furniture protectors.

Are You Prepared to Train Your Dog?

The level of training your dog will require depends on the animal you choose. Any dog owner will attest to the effort that goes into training a new puppy. They have to be taught everything from where to go to the bathroom to responding to your voice, which is a big time commitment.

Whether you’re interested in a puppy or are in the market for a more contained pet, Pet Fashion and Grooming has all the supplies you need. Call (347) 726-9409 or visit their website to learn more about the company’s services, which also include pet sitting.

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