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Greater Rochester Optometrists Share 5 Eye Care Tips for People With Diabetes April 13, 2017

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Greater Rochester Optometrists Share 5 Eye Care Tips for People With Diabetes, Greece, New York

Diabetes can be a frightening diagnosis, largely because of its potential side effects. Thankfully, most of those effects can be avoided with care and monitoring, and vision loss through diabetic retinopathy is no exception. The optometrists of Reed Eye Associates, with offices throughout the Greater Rochester, NY, area, recommend taking proper care of your eyes by following these five eye care tips.

5 Diabetes Eye Care Tips

1. Coordinate With Your Doctor & Optometrist

When dealing with a lifelong condition like diabetes, it's essential to visit your doctor regularly and follow their directions to preserve your health. You should also consult with an eye doctor, especially if you already have concerns about your vision.

2. Get Regular Dilated Eye Exams

optometristAn optometrist administers a dilated eye exam by encouraging your pupils to dilate, making it easier to see any damage. How often you need this type of exam will depend on your individual condition, but once a year is a good baseline for a person with diabetes who hasn't yet developed any eye problems.

3. Choose Foods That Enhance Eye Health

For the best eye health, you need nutrients that will help your body maintain and repair your eyes. Antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and the rich supply of vitamins from leafy greens make a major difference in preventing diabetic retinopathy.

4. Wear Your Sunglasses

Even if it's cloudy outside, UV rays can still come through, so it's important to wear sunglasses with UV protection whenever you're outside. If you have prescription glasses, make sure you also get prescription sunglasses — you'll be more likely to wear them.

5. Monitor Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, & Cholesterol

The reason diabetes is so bad for eyesight is that chronically elevated blood sugar deteriorates the fine blood vessels in the eye. Higher blood pressure means more leakage from damaged blood vessels, and higher cholesterol means more fatty deposits — so it's important to keep a handle on all three.

If you need an optometrist for primary eye care, call your nearest Reed Eye Associates location today. They have locations throughout the Greater Rochester area, including Pittsford, Irondequoit, Newark, Greece, Sodus, and Batavia. You can find out more about office locations and schedule appointments online.

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