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Valdosta Dentist Shares How a Routine Oral Exam Can Save Your Teeth April 5, 2017

Valdosta, Lowndes
Valdosta Dentist Shares How a Routine Oral Exam Can Save Your Teeth, Valdosta, Georgia

Yearly dentist visits are a standard procedure. However, because they are so routine, it is easy to forget the importance of these dental office appointments; in fact, your annual checkup can save you a considerable amount of time, pain, and money by preventing oral issues before they begin. Kilby Family Dentistry offers both general and cosmetic dental care, providing premier services such as teeth whitening and cleaning, root canals, dental implants, and oral surgery. Located in Valdosta, GA, their staff is exceptionally trained to identify and treat any problems you may experience.

How an Oral Exam Can Save Your Mouth

Plaque Removal

dentistPlaque and bacteria can build up along our gums, even with a proper at-home oral routine. Excessive plaque can develop into gum disease if left untreated. Gum disease, including gingivitis, can be prevented with a simple, thorough teeth cleaning. Having your teeth examined by a professional dentist annually can catch and treat the issue before it becomes dangerous.

Fill the Cracks

While monitoring plaque can be accomplished at home, finding cracks or cavities in your teeth is a more complicated process. Patients are often unaware of a cavity until a dentist reports it to them. If found immediately, a small hole in the tooth can be filled in without hassle. However, if left untreated for too long, your tooth may eventually decay to the point of needing oral surgery, including dental implants to completely replace the affected tooth.

Avoid a Root Canal

Cavities can also be so serious as to damage the root of the tooth. When the infection reaches the foundation of the tooth, your dentist will often recommend a root canal. Avoid the procedure by attending your annual dentist appointments and catching small cavities before they infect the root.

A cosmetic dentist can work wonders on oral issues and improve the look and health of your smile. Dr. Dustin R. Kilby, DMD, of Kilby Family Dentistry in Valdosta, GA, is an elite cosmetic dentist. If you are looking to enhance your smile, visit their website, or call (229) 247-0200 today.

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