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Springs Going Bad? 3 Signs You Need Garage Door Repairs April 6, 2017

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Springs Going Bad? 3 Signs You Need Garage Door Repairs, Carlsbad, New Mexico

When you press the button on a garage door, you expect it to automatically go up or down, right? But what if the springs are going bad? While this scenario could lead to some issues with the way your garage door operates, there are signs that will indicate when it’s time to schedule garage door repairs with the experts at Browning Garage Doors of Carlsbad, NM. Read on to discover how easy it can be to prevent a large repair bill and keep your garage door functioning smoothly.

garage door repairWith more than 25 years of experience, Browning Garage Doors understands how quickly springs can go bad when they aren’t cared for in time. Here are their top three tips for recognizing when you’re in need of immediate garage door repairs.

3 Signs You Need Garage Door Repairs

1. It Unexpectedly Halts

Garage door springs help ensure the door continues to function smoothly. So, one of the top indicators your springs may be failing is when you push the button, and the garage door suddenly stops midway. Schedule an appointment with your local professionals immediately, as a jammed garage door could present a hazardous situation for you and your loved ones.

2. It’s Hanging at an Angle

garage door repairAnother function of garage door springs is to keep the door hanging level with the floor. If you start to notice the door seems to be lower on one side while it’s raised, you could be dealing with a spring that’s unable to provide the support the garage door requires. This is another safety issue that needs to be addressed by a garage door repair expert as soon as possible.

3. There’s Visible Damage

A bad spring will have a looser coil, which will gradually become more and more stretched out the worse it gets. Whenever you see obvious damage on any of the garage door springs, take that as a sign to get it replaced right away.

Browning Garage Doors specializes in both door installation and maintenance. They have the tools and skills required to supply the efficient garage door repairs you need, so call (575) 887-7975 today to set up an appointment. Visit their website for additional information.

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