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What Is a Sump Pump & How Does It Work? April 24, 2017

Waterloo, Monroe
What Is a Sump Pump & How Does It Work?, Waterloo, Illinois

A sump pump is an important appliance installed in the lowest part of a basement or crawlspace to prevent flooding. Before you purchase a sump pump, you should learn more about the device and how it works. The trusted professionals at J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning in Waterloo, IL, share everything you need to know about sump pumps.

How Does a Sump Pump Work?

sewer cleaningA sump pump is installed in a specially constructed pit and has a switch that is activated by the level of water. Water flows into the pit through drains or the soil. It works by pumping the water out of the pit and away from the building so the basement remains dry. A sump pump is an important device to have if your basement is prone to flooding.

What Type of Sump Pump Do I Need?

The two main types of sump pumps are submersible and pedestal. The submersible pump is built with a special motor submerged in oil, making it quieter, safer, and cooler because you don’t have to worry about getting burned on contact. The pedestal pump is less expensive; however, the motor is mounted on the column, making it louder and more exposed to dust and moisture.

Can I Install It Myself?

While it is possible to install your sump pump by yourself, it’s a job best left to a professional. Since a sump pump prevents flooding in your home, it’s important that it is installed correctly the first time, and someone with experience and the right tools can do so.

Whether you need a sump pump, septic system inspection, or sewer cleaning, enlist the help of the experts at J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning. Call (618) 939-3001 to set up an appointment, or visit their website for more information about their comprehensive list of services.

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