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5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Add Fresh Fruit to Your Diet April 13, 2017

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5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Add Fresh Fruit to Your Diet, Honolulu, Hawaii

Like any lifestyle change, adding fresh fruit to your diet is successfully done by making simple and small changes to your daily menu and routine. Rather that overhauling your entire diet, learn the simple substitutions and swaps you can make to ensure you stick with it. Oahu Fresh of Hawaii offers five easy ways to add locally grown produce to your daily diet.

5 Simple Tips for Adding Fresh Fruit to Your Diet 

Increase Convenience by Signing on With a Delivery Service

The easier something is, the more likely we are to stick with it. By signing up for local fruit delivery, you are taking the hassle out of making sure fresh fruit is readily available to snack on. Pick your favorite seasonal fruits, and then, schedule a delivery on the days you know you’ll be home. Upon receipt, rinse and cut the fruit to turn it into a snack.

Keep a Bowl of Brightly Colored Fruit on Display

fresh fruitSometimes, a visual reminder is all that’s required to trick the brain into bypassing the urge for cookies and cakes. Keep a bowl of fresh, brightly colored organic fruit on the counter. When the snacking urge hits, you’ll be more likely to spot the mango before you reach for the potato chips.

Set Realistic Goals

Studies have shown that goals must be realistic and measurable to be successfully reached. Don’t vow to “eat more fruit.” Instead, make it your intention to each a serving of fruit with every meal or to replace one snack with a fruit. Not only are these simple, but they’re clearly defined and progress is easy to track.

Embrace Smoothies

Smoothies are the easiest way to up your fresh fruit intake. By mixing fruits into a deliciously cold blend of yogurt and milk, you’re turning a chore into an adventure. Smoothie options are endless and nearly any fruit can be blended into the drink without overwhelming your taste buds. Perfect for those constantly on the go, smoothies are an easy way to increase daily fruit intake.

Think Outside the Box

Move past thinking of fruit as a breakfast side dish. When prepared properly, fruit is versatile enough to top salads, adorn meals, and add to the grill. Get creative and think outside of the box. Love the taste of barbeque? Fire up the grill and throw some fruit on it. A unique flavor will reward your efforts, and you’re bound to repeat the adventure.

Adding fresh fruit to your diet is as simple as planning ahead and thinking outside of the box. Call (808) 476-7550 or visit the Oahu Fresh website for a full fruit listing or to sign up for local delivery.

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