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5 Home Improvement Projects to Do This Spring April 5, 2017

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5 Home Improvement Projects to Do This Spring, Gales Ferry, Connecticut

With the arrival of spring and longer, warmer days, there is no better time to start marking off items on your home improvement to-do list. According to Premo & Son’s Home Improvement in Gales Ferry, CT, it’s also the best time to catch up on projects you had on hold over the winter and give your home a good touch-up after its recent brush with snow and ice.

Here are a few home improvement projects this local handyman and remodeling service suggests you try to tackle this spring:

  • Make Roof Repairs: Spring is a great time to inspect your roof for any issues. You can easily do this yourself with a pair of binoculars. Problems to be on the lookout for include missing, cracked, or shifted shingles and pine needles and debris buildup in the valleys between roof peaks.home-improvement
  • Apply a New Coat of Paint: If you’ve grown tired of staring at that dull color in your kitchen or bedroom or just need a change of pace, there are few ways that are quicker at achieving this than painting. Just remember when you are sampling swatches that paint has a tendency to dry darker or brighter, so test out any new colors on a small area of the wall before doing the whole thing.
  • Install a Deck: There is no better time than spring for outdoor entertaining, and, if you don’t want to miss out this year, start making calls to have a deck installed to your home or have your current one revamped. You can also work with a designer to come up with a space that meets all of your outdoor living goals.
  • Clean & Replace Windows: The spring weather makes it ideal for cleaning the outside of your home’s windows. This also allows you to inspect them for any damage, such as broken panes and trims, that could make your home less energy-efficient over the next year.
  • Update Your Gutters: The gutters and drainpipes on your home are crucial for directing rainwater and melted snow away from your home’s foundation. After cleaning your gutters, if you notice malfunctions that could lead to leaks, you should consider replacing them with new ones that will keep your home nice and dry. You should also consider installing gutter guards to prevent leaves and debris from clogging them up and causing water overflow.

If you need any help with your home improvement projects this spring, contact Premo & Son’s Home Improvement at (860) 770-2331. For more information about their home remodeling services, visit their website, and like them on Facebook.

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