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3 Ways Private Boarding Schools Help Young Adults With Learning Disabilities Build Their Social Skills April 25, 2017

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3 Ways Private Boarding Schools Help Young Adults With Learning Disabilities Build Their Social Skills, Amenia, New York

As the name suggests, learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD impair traditional learning processes and decrease classroom performance. However, these conditions can also impede one’s social skills. According to Amenia, NY’s Maplebrook School, it’s essential that parents and teachers address both symptoms early in a child’s education.

For example, this private boarding school not only utilizes a balanced curriculum and highly trained staff but also builds students’ social skills by:

  • private boarding schoolFostering Self-Esteem: Social competency, while it has one overarching term, is composed of several traits such as communication and self-esteem. When it comes to the latter, Maplebrook School helps students through their signature RISE, or “Responsibility Increases Self-Esteem,” program. Here, students earn daily RISE points for completing both their classroom and community duties. The more points they receive, the more privileges they gain. Over time, these responsibilities give students a newfound sense of independence, thus strengthening both their confidence and social skills. Maplebrook also makes use of a textbook, “The Power of Social Skills in Character Development: Helping Diverse Learners Succeed,” authored by the now-head of their postsecondary program, Jennifer Scully, which makes use of the relationship between social skills and self-confidence to encourage the growth of both in students who learn differently.
  • Encouraging Camaraderie: Maplebrook students don’t just live and learn together; they also enjoy healthy recreation. As a part of their well-rounded curriculum, students are required to participate in athletics. They also explore extracurriculars like music, theater, or the visual arts. These activities not only supplement traditional classroom learning but also engage students’ social skills. As students practice teamwork and open communication throughout the semester, they begin to form personal bonds with their fellow athletes and performers.
  • Creating Cohesion: In public school districts, students commute to and from the campus every day. That means they spend a limited amount of time with their peers, often putting young adults with learning disabilities at a disadvantage. At private boarding schools like Maplebrook, on the other hand, students live and learn in the same environment. This cohesion gives them time to overcome social insecurities as well as lay the foundations for lasting relationships with both teachers and peers.   

For a private boarding school that caters to your child’s unique learning profile both inside and outside the classroom, look no further than Maplebrook School. Call them at (845) 373-9511 to start the enrollment process. For more on their curriculum or their integral RISE program, visit their website.

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