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Valid from October 31, 2014 to December 6, 2014

It’s the report cards season again; many parents are searching for an enriching and beneficial program for their kids. If your child has been struggling in fundamental subjects like math, writing, and reading comprehension, or is eager to get a head start on these important subjects for the following the report cards season, JEI Learning Centers' enrichment program is the perfect academic supplement. The math tutoring and writing programs for kids at this learning center focus around strengthening logical and analytic skills, as well as enhancing your child’s natural creativity and memory proficiency.

The enrichment program, entitled Brain Safari, benefits students looking to build a solid foundation of Math and English comprehension, while also fostering their overall critical thinking skills. Structured to target students in grades 1- 5, this comprehensive tutoring program reviews basic cognitive organization, diagnostic test prep, review and recollection study, and achievement testing.

Subdivided into seven domains, the Brain Safari program targets specific attributes of critical thinking and creativity, such as:

Disciplined Intelligence: Students learn to mark signs according to specific instructions, find patterns, and identify objects through multiple parts, different pictures, and similar pictures.

Spatial Intelligence: Kids learn front-rear and left-right directions, as well as planning routes on a map, counting the number of figures, comparing areas, and perceiving symmetry.

Memory Training: Children practice memorizing common properties of pictures, series of numbers, the order of arrangements, scenes, and the position of objects.

Analytic Reasoning: Kids classify pictures set in specific criteria, understand context and common properties, and draw appropriate properties.

Logical Reasoning: Children deduce cause and effect, learn how to analogize words and figures, and apply basic reasoning.

Mathematical Intelligence: Students make numerical patterns, complete formulas and calculations, and solve puzzles.

Creative Thinking: Kids enhance their creativity through a series of exercises like expressing one's favorites, developing unique objects, listing objected with words, comparing criteria, creating new names, and expressing one's values.

Give your child the boost they need this fall with the effective and enriching tutoring programs from JEI Learning Centers. Enhance your child's critical thinking, math, and reading compression with the Brain Safari program for kids. With this exciting and fun program your child will improve the fundamental skills they need in academic performance to get a head start for their next report cards. Contact this learning center at (347) 408-4098 to register!

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