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5 Common Roof Repair Jobs Homeowners Need to Know April 10, 2017

Kew Gardens, Queens
5 Common Roof Repair Jobs Homeowners Need to Know, Queens, New York

Fixing a damaged roof can be costly. In fact, the average cost of roof repair in the U.S. is $695. Even though it doesn’t come cheap, repairing roof issues is necessary to avoid more costly problems from developing later on. JCHome Roofs and Sidings, the leading roofing contractor in Fresh Meadows, NY, is here with a list of roof repair jobs you should be aware of as a homeowner.

Here are five examples of the most common roof repair jobs homeowners face:

  • Leaks: This one shouldn’t be too surprising. A leaking roof can lead to many inconveniences and can be caused by several factors. Old roofing materials, a shallow roof slope, the buildup of debris, and backed up gutters are just some of the common causes of leaks. No matter what the cause is, leaks have to be repaired right away because they can lead to more costly structural and property damage.

  • Missing Shingles: Because shingles are individual pieces of materials nailed down to your roof, it’s possible to lose one or more during a storm. Missing shingles can lead to leaks, so if you see one missing, call in a professional to have it replaced.

  • Wind Damage: After a few years, the nails holding your roofing materials down can loosen, making the whole roof vulnerable to the point where even moderate winds can cause a lot of damage to it. Have your roof inspected periodically to prevent this.

  • roof-repairSnow & Hail Damage: In areas where the weather can be extremely cold, there is always a risk of snow and hail damaging the roof. The weight of accumulated snow can be too much for the roofing system to carry, while hailstorms can cause considerable damage to roofing materials because of the force of impact. With winter over and warmer weather ahead, it’s the perfect time to have your roof inspected for possible winter weather damage.

  • Flashing Issues: Flashings are used to waterproof the spaces between roofing sections and structures. Problems with flashings can often lead to more serious problems like major leaks.

When you encounter any of these problems, you’ll need professional roof repair services from an experienced contractor like JCHome Roofs and Sidings. Give them a call today at (718) 261-1891 or check out their website for more information.