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5 Photography Tips for Better Pictures April 11, 2017

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5 Photography Tips for Better Pictures, Anchorage, Alaska

Photography has become a popular hobby since cameras have gotten smaller and more affordable while the quality of lenses has improved. Even though taking photos is more convenient than ever, photography enthusiasts should follow some basic tips to improve their technique. When you need expert guidance, you can count on the team at Stewart’s Photo Shop. They’ve been the leading camera store in Anchorage, AK, for over 75 years, and here, they share their best advice for taking great pictures.

1. Don’t Center Your Subject

While there will be times when you want your subject in the center of the frame, like when you’re taking a portrait of a loved one, there are just as many times when a different angle is more visually interesting. Even a picture of a tree becomes more dramatic when you shift the frame to one side.

2. Understand Your Flash

Before experimenting with photography in low lighting, find out the maximum distance of your flash. Taking photos of subjects that are too far away can result in pictures that are too dark.

3. Judge Your Light Source

photography Anchorage AKNatural light can be used to take attractive photos in some cases, but not others. Depending on the direction and intensity, natural light can make shadows too dark, creating deep lines in the faces of your subjects. Try repositioning your subject when possible, or change your location to avoid excess shadows.

4. Study Your Backgrounds

If you’re taking a photo of a single subject, make sure that object or person is the focus. Innocuous objects like light posts can become distracting if it looks like it’s sprouting from your loved one’s head.

5. Assess the Distance

Not all photographs need to be sweeping panoramas. Single subjects can be more interesting when you zoom in or change your perspective. Take photos from various distances and angles to capture different shadows and textures that help you see your subject in a new way.

To get started with your photography, contact Stewart’s Photo Shop. They can help you find the camera and photographic supplies that meet your needs, so you can be on your way to taking amazing pictures. For more information on their inventory and cleaning services, call (907) 272-8581 or visit them online.