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3 Tips for Making Beautiful Spring Flower Arrangements April 5, 2017

Hamden, New Haven County
3 Tips for Making Beautiful Spring Flower Arrangements, Hamden, Connecticut

With spring finally in the air, it’s a great time to celebrate the season with beautiful flower arrangements. Though flowers are lovely no matter what, there’s an art to making an arrangement that is balanced and attractive. Local floral experts at Devine Orchid Florist of Hamden, CT, know there is an art to these projects and explain three tricks below for selecting the perfect bunch of blossoms.

How to Make Gorgeous Spring Flower Arrangements

1. Take Advantage of What's in Season

Flower ArrangementsAt this time of year, many beloved flowers are at their peak. Whenever you can, use the freshest flowers that naturally bloom during the time you’re making the arrangement. After all, you want to capture the beauty of the season while you can.

2. Choose Your Focal Points

A bouquet with too many shapes, colors, or types of flowers can look jumbled and unappealing. When you plan an arrangement, choose a handful of perfect blooms to focus on, then build around them for maximum effect. You should also decide on a color scheme in advance. If you wish to use a certain vase, its height and shape should be taken into account as well.

3. Work With the Natural Beauty Your Flowers

Each flower has a unique appearance, so use it to your advantage. Don’t put a heavy blossom high up in the arrangement, or cut a tall and willowy stem so that it loses its original grace. Try to make your arrangement look as natural as possible, and don’t overcrowd. This will allow you to appreciate each element in the bouquet.

Devine Orchid Florist is a Connecticut mainstay for floral gifts and arrangements. Call them at (203) 535-1626 for expert advice and free delivery to Hamden, Cheshire, North Haven, and New Haven, and $10 delivery for other cities in their service area. To learn more and see a selection of the flower arrangements they have available, visit them online. You can also find them on Facebook for more exciting updates.

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