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Mixing Toner: How Does Your Printer Perform? April 10, 2017

Charleston, Staten Island
Mixing Toner: How Does Your Printer Perform?, Staten Island, New York

You might not understand the delicate process required to mix toner, but your laser printer knows exactly how to do it. Depending on the model, printers use either ink or toner to create an array of colors on paper for a myriad of printing needs. Laser printers, in particular, mix toner in a few specific ways to achieve the printed images you want. Check out a few of them below.

  • Static Cling: Color toners in your printer are mainly made of plastic that is processed into a fine powder. The powder holds a static charge and clings to materials with the opposite charge. Laser printers use this static cling to move the toner to the imaging drum and onto the sheet of paper.  
  • printerOverlapping: Your printer doesn’t come equipped with every color of the rainbow. Instead, the base toners, magenta, yellow, and cyan, are kept in separate cartridges. When mixing is required, the toners can overlay to create different shades. The pigments contain single and double bonds that let electrons absorb different wavelengths of light. This effect is what changes the colors.  
  • Checking Toner Levels: When a printer is low on one type of toner, it might mix the remaining toners to compensate. Your printer can tell toners need to be mixed when pigments aren’t evenly distributed on the rollers or don’t cling to the drum.  

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