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What Convenience Store Can Refuel Your Body & Your Car? April 4, 2017

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What Convenience Store Can Refuel Your Body & Your Car?, Lynne, Wisconsin

The American convenience store has, for decades, been a symbol of rest for vacationers and long distance truck drivers alike. There are few things more inviting after a long drive than the twinkle of lights in the distance signaling a brief respite from the road.

For road warriors in Tripoli, Wisconsin, a road trip can mean a journey around the Great Lakes or south into the heartland of the country. Whether you’re leaving or entering Wisconsin, Tri-Mart BP can offer you some refreshment before you continue your journey. A gas station and convenience store, they have everything you need to ease the wear of the road.

Taking off on the highway means remembering to fill up your tank. Fortunately, you can pull through one of the store’s many fuel pumps, which conveniently operate around-the-clock. This 24-hour access will leave you ready to tackle the road every day of the week.

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However, you’ll want to remember to come inside the store to see everything it has to offer. When you’re hitting the road, sometimes it’s important to fuel up not only your gas tank but your stomach as well. Tri-Mart BP carries both traditional snacks as well as hot food so that they can satisfy any hunger level.

If you’re in need of an energy boost, their in-store coffee will give you the caffeine jolt you need to stay awake during your trip. Meanwhile, soda lovers will also find a generous selection of drinks from which to choose.

They also put the convenience back in the convenience store, accepting all major debit and credit cards. If you need money before you hit your next destination, you can always withdraw cash from their ATM. You won’t have to worry about how to pay when you stop at Tripoli Propane.

Whether you’re looking for food, drinks, or just a quick fill for your gas tank, Tri-Mart BP has you covered. Remember to stop by before you head for the road. For more information on how they can help you prepare for your road trip, give them a call at (715) 564-2440 or visit them online.

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