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Top 5 Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium April 4, 2017

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Top 5 Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium , Archdale, North Carolina

Although it’s understandable why auto insurance is so important, it can still be frustrating having to spend quite a bit of your monthly budget on premium payments. Due to the complex nature of insurance, finding the right amount of coverage is often difficult, made even more so when trying to make sure it’s also affordable. Fortunately, for the residents of Randolph County, NC, the insurance agents at Farm Bureau of Archdale-Campbell Agency are committed to helping their clients purchase policies that offer adequate protection without breaking the bank.

5 Ways to Spend Less on Auto Insurance

1. Get Multiple Quotes

One of the best ways to save money on insurance is by comparison shopping. This involves getting quotes from multiple companies to compare rates and coverage options. Prices can vary significantly from company to company for the same type of policy. An independent insurance agency can make this step much easier and less time-consuming since they have access to many providers.

2. Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Your driving record will be one of the main factors auto insurance providers look at to determine your rates. Keeping it clean by avoiding car accidents and other traffic infractions will present you as a safe driver and can greatly reduce your premium payment.

3. Combine Your Policies

auto insuranceMany insurance companies will give you a discount if you purchase at least two types of policies from them or insure more than one vehicle. It lowers their risk, as well as shows you as a loyal customer, so they’re often willing to offer reduced premiums. 

4. Choose a Higher Deductible

A deductible decides the amount you will pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in to cover vehicle repairs. When you buy auto insurance coverage, you have the option of setting a deductible that’s high or low. Choosing a higher deductible will cut down on the amount you have to pay each month.

5. Keep Your Credit Score in Good Standing

Your credit score has an impact on numerous kinds of financial decisions, including your auto insurance rate. Companies frequently use information about credit history to price policies, making it essential that you work to keep your credit score as high as possible.

To make sure you continue saving as much money as you can on your auto insurance, it’s a good idea to have your policy reviewed annually. Contact Farm Bureau of Archdale-Campbell Agency at (336) 434-6550.

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