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5 Tips to Follow When Recovering from Jaw Surgery April 7, 2017

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5 Tips to Follow When Recovering from Jaw Surgery, Anchorage, Alaska

If you’ve been told you need jaw surgery, you may already be wondering about the recovery process. Sufficient rest is essential to your body’s ability to heal after surgery, as well as preventing any complications. Patients who are scheduled for surgery with the caring team at Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska in Anchorage will receive thorough aftercare instructions during the consultation, but the team has also compiled a few additional tips you can review before your appointment.

Here are a few ways you can ensure proper healing after you’ve had jaw surgery:

  • Ask About Ice Packs & Heating Pads: Patients are often advised to use ice packs following their procedure. Ask your oral surgeon how often and for how long you should use ice packs, and whether or not you can use heating pads afterward to reduce discomfort.
  • Sleep in an Elevated Position: Sleeping with your head elevated following oral surgery reduces swelling and eliminates excess pressure from either side of your jaw.
  • jaw surgery Anchorage AKBe Mindful of Side Effects: If your doctor has prescribed painkillers, familiarize yourself with their side effects in advance. This allows you to prepare for symptoms such as nausea and fatigue.
  • Start Moving When You’re Able: Once you feel able to and your surgeon has given you approval, you can begin moving about the house. When you’re ready, take brief walks outside. Try not to sit in one place for too long without moving, as doing so could exacerbate swelling. Look out for any issues such as bleeding or pain when you begin to move, and don’t perform any strenuous activity until you’re cleared by your oral surgeon.
  • Contact Your Doctor With Questions: You may be unable to speak following your jaw surgery, so get your surgeon’s email address and contact them in writing with any questions you may have during recovery.

The team at Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska welcomes patient inquiries to ensure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions before or after your jaw surgery, call their friendly associates at (907) 561-1430 or contact the practice online.

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