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Is It Time to Replace Your Transmission Fluid? April 5, 2017

Grand Island, Hall
Is It Time to Replace Your Transmission Fluid?, Grand Island, Nebraska

To achieve optimum performance, vehicles need special fluid to lubricate their transmission systems. Auto specialists recommend getting transmission service every other year or 30,000 miles, but there are instances when it needs to be done more frequently.

Here are the signs you need to take your car to a transmission service for fluid replacement:

  • Strange Noises: Grinding or squealing sounds while driving are indicative of low transmission fluid levels. The unusual sounds may also be due to dirt, grease, and sludge buildup in various auto components. Pull over while keeping the engine running, and check if the fluid level is still acceptable.

  • Dark Fluid: Your transmission fluid should have a bright red tinge. A brown or black color means it’s contaminated with grime or sludge. If you notice the latter, it’s time to replace your transmission fluid.

  • Unexplained Surging: A vehicle that suddenly surges forward or backward for no apparent reason may need a change of transmission fluid. This is often caused by contaminants in the fluid that prevent a consistent flow through the system.

  • transmission serviceShifting Problems: Too much dirt and sludge in your transmission fluid may cause the system to respond sluggishly when shifting gears. As a result, your vehicle may change gear too quickly, too late, or not at all. Shifting problems can put you and your passengers at serious risk for an accident while driving. See a transmission service immediately if you experience these problems.


Those who need transmission fluid replacement in Hall County, NE, can rely on BG&S Transmissions of Grand Island. The shop offers automatic and manual transmission service to keep your car running like new. Call them at (308) 382-2727 to schedule an appointment or request free towing (up to 100 miles), and visit their website for more information.

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