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​The MedRite Urgent Care Center is Offering Free Flu Shots on November 18th November 13, 2014

Garment District, Manhattan
​The MedRite Urgent Care Center is Offering Free Flu Shots on November 18th, Manhattan, New York

Next Tuesday, November 18th, the MedRite Urgent Care Clinic is offering free flu shots! Click here to register online.

There are plenty of things to look forward to when winter comes around: holidays, family time, good food, parties, just to name a few. But one aspect of the colder season that nobody joyfully anticipates is influenza. Whether we try our best to stay healthy or not, the flu always feels like an unpleasant surprise when it comes on. Nothing feels worse than lying around the house, run down with a high fever, muscle aches, sore threat, vomiting, diarrhea and chills. What may feel like just a cold can quickly turn into a nasty flu. By getting your annual flu shot early on this season, you can stay healthy and avoid the misery. 

There are many myths regarding flu shots. The public tends to think that they don’t need to get one every year, that the shot can actually transmit influenza, or that there is a specific time frame involved. None of this is true. Even if you received a flu shot last year, you still need one this season, since there are several different strains of the illness and they change all the time. Also, though you may feel some light flu-like symptoms post-injection, you cannot actually catch the flu from this shot. Lastly, though it is recommended to get the shot early on, if you can’t make it to an urgent care center until the end of November, that’s fine too. It’s always better to be vaccinated.

At MedRite, we are here to help you save time and feel better faster. If you would like to learn more about our team of friendly professionals, simply visit our About Page to have all your questions answered. Also, don't forget to come to our center on November 18th to get your flu shot free of charge! Stay healthy and happy all winter long. We are here to help!