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Wildlife Removal Experts Offer 3 Tips to Keep Animals out of Your Home April 3, 2017

Cleves, Miami
Wildlife Removal Experts Offer 3 Tips to Keep Animals out of Your Home, Miami, Ohio

It’s one thing to need wildlife removal from your yard and quite another to need it inside your home. However, wild animals sometimes are determined to make it indoors where it’s warm and safe, so there’s always a chance an unwanted creature will enter your house. A.S.A.P. Critter People offers experienced wildlife removal services indoors and out, and they have tips to decrease the chance of having bats in your attic, a snake in your basement, or other unplanned visits from animals.

Avoid the Need for Wildlife Removal With These Tips

1. Don’t Leave Doors & Windows Open Without Supervision

This might seem obvious, but doors and windows are prime entry points for wild animals, from birds to squirrels and even skunks. Keep them closed when you’re not around and install screens wherever possible. While you’re at it, install a chimney cap, as wildlife removal services often are called due to birds or chipmunks entering the structure and falling into the fireplace below.

2. Cut off Appealing Food Sources

Wildlife removal Cincinnati OHRaccoons, opossums, and other critters love to get ahold of food that’s left out and even will rummage through your trash to find a meal. Don’t leave food unattended in your home and keep garbage receptacles closed securely and out of reach. If your garden is near your house, protect it with netting or animal repellent products so it won’t attract hungry creatures that might seek more food indoors.

3. Check for Gaps & Openings

Even after you account for all clear entrances, your home might have secret passages for creatures to use. Check your basement, attic, plumbing entry points, and crawl spaces for holes and cracks that might present an opportunity for a critter to gain access. Even a small gap in the foundation or around a window will allow some animals to squeeze through.

Whether animals have made it into your home or you want to ensure they stay away, reach out to the wildlife removal experts at A.S.A.P. Critter People. They offer raccoon control, pest removal, and other assistance throughout the greater Cincinnati area; you can find a list of the places they serve on their website. Call (513) 941-0258 to schedule fast and affordable critter removal and preventative services, and like them on Facebook to receive tips and updates from the business.

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