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Life With a Special Needs Child: How to Make Your Day-to-Day Easier April 5, 2017

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Life With a Special Needs Child: How to Make Your Day-to-Day Easier, Rutherford, New Jersey

Raising a child with special needs is not always easy. No one knows that better than New York City’s Alex Dwek. His daughter, Maya Rose, is a beautiful eight-year-old, but she suffers from an unknown illness. She does not speak or walk, and her high pain tolerance makes it difficult to know when she is hurt. The Maya Rose Project was created by Alex in his never-ending fight to find a solution for his daughter. Through the project, he aims to provide support for his daughter as well as other parents with disabled children.

If you face the day-to-day challenge of caring for a special needs child, here are some tips on making life a bit easier.

Be Part of a Larger Community 

special needsRaising a special needs child can be lonely. It may seem that you are the only one dealing with the difficulties, but you are not alone. Finding a community of special needs parents gives you a sense of support on the bad days, a pat on the back on the good days, and advice from others who have been there before.

Don't Forget to Care for Yourself

Special needs children require a great amount of time and effort. Your love for them and your dedication to taking care of their needs can leave you feeling emotional and drained of energy. To best care for your child, it is important to take care of yourself as well. Have a trusted friend or family member look after your child for a few hours while you have a nice meal, enjoy a bath, go to the gym, or simply watch a few hours of uninterrupted television. Remembering to care for your own needs allows you to better care for your child's.

Keep to the Schedule

Creating a daily schedule and sticking to it is the best way to ensure a smooth, happy, and successful day. Your special needs child will thrive on the repetition as they will understand what to expect from each day. Schedules cut down unwanted surprises, which makes daily life easier for both of you.

Children with special needs require unique love and attention. To care for Maya Rose and children like her, it is important to know as much as possible about their illness. You can learn more about The Maya Rose Project by visiting their website or emailing Alex.

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