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Tire Service Experts List 3 Leading Causes of Vehicle Vibrations March 31, 2017

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Tire Service Experts List 3 Leading Causes of Vehicle Vibrations, Osceola, Wisconsin

Having a car that vibrates when you slow down or reach high speeds isn’t only frustrating, but it can also be a danger to you and others on the road. That’s why the tire service professionals from Jones Automotive in Dresser, WI, urge you not to put off bringing in your vehicle for an inspection. 

If you’re tired of fighting that shaking steering wheel every time you stop at a red light, here are three of the most common causes of car vibrations:

  • Tire Problems: One of the most common culprits behind vehicle vibrations is tire problems. If your tires aren’t properly balanced or your wheels are out of alignment, it can create uneven wear on your tires, causing them to vibrate when they come in contact with your brake pads. Such issues can be easily fixed by bringing your car to a reliable tire service expert. 
  • tire serviceBrake Issues: If your vehicle only vibrates when you apply pressure to the brake pedal, you likely have an issue with your brake rotors or calipers. Your rotors may have become bent at some point, which will prevent your vehicle’s brake pads and calipers from applying even pressure when you’re slowing down. For those experiencing such an issue, the tire service professionals from Jones Automotive recommend bringing in your vehicle immediately, as bad brakes can impact your safety. 
  • Axle Damage: Jumping the curb or getting into a minor fender bender in the parking lot might seem like nothing big, but it can do some serious damage to your axle. If your axle is bent, it will cause the car to shake, and it gets worse at high speeds as the axle turns faster. Such a problem can be costly to fix, but it will only get worse the longer you wait. 

For those in need of an honest mechanic who can service everything from engines to shocks, contact the experts from Jones Automotive today at (715) 755-3500. You can also visit them online to schedule a service appointment. 

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