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3 Benefits You Can Enjoy With Digital Dental X-Rays March 30, 2017

Westminster, Adams
3 Benefits You Can Enjoy With Digital Dental X-Rays, Westminster, Colorado

In the past, your regular dental exam may have included traditional x-rays to help your dental health care provider get a better idea of your oral health. While this was more effective than a simple oral exam, it came with drawbacks, mostly due to the limitations of the X-ray film itself. Today, digital dental X-rays are overcoming those limits.

Read on for a closer look at some of the modern benefits digital dental X-rays can provide. 

3 Reasons to Opt for Digital Dental X-Rays

1. Less Radiation

The X-ray process relies on carefully exposing you to a limited amount of radiation in a specific area. While the amount is small enough to all but eliminate any risk, every bit of exposure matters, and less radiation is always more healthy. Digital dental X-rays do more with less, limiting your exposure to levels 70-80% lower than traditional methods.

2. More Detail

digital dental x-raysWith a physical film X-ray, you don't have the option to zoom in. With a digital dental x-ray, though, it's possible to immediately magnify the image for a closer look at any anomalies. There are even digital X-ray technologies that create a 3-D model of your mouth, allowing your provider to examine a problem from every angle.

3. Easier Storage & Transfer

When you switch dentists or visit a specialist, both you and your new dental care provider benefit from any information your previous provider can supply. Your new provider doesn't have to retread the same ground, and you can have your needs addressed more quickly and reliably. Unfortunately, a physical X-ray can take time to get to your new office; but a digital one can be sent instantly and takes no space to store.


Smile Rockers in Westminster, CO, offers digital dental X-rays and all the benefits that come with them. For up-to-date dental techniques and a thorough assessment and cleaning of your mouth, visit the dental hygienist at Smile Rockers. Opening spring 2017!

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