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Glaucoma: What Is It & How Can Eye Doctors Prevent It? March 30, 2017

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Glaucoma: What Is It & How Can Eye Doctors Prevent It?, Greece, New York

If you’re experiencing a decline in your normal vision, consider making an appointment with your eye doctor for a springtime exam. The optometry team at Reed Eye Associates, with six locations throughout Greater Rochester, NY, can discover a spectrum of eye disorders during routine examinations and, if caught ahead of time, will prevent their damaging effects.

To learn more about glaucoma, a common ailment that causes patients to lose their visual sharpness, read the guide below.

Local Eye Doctor’s Guide to Glaucoma 

What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye condition in which the nerve that connects the eye to the brain is damaged due to extreme optic pressure. While it sounds serious, most patients who are diagnosed by their optometrist exhibit no physical symptoms except for noticing a slow-paced decrease in vision.

A rare version of the condition is accompanied by complaints like eye pain, nausea, and visual disturbance and requires emergency care. Depending on the severity of the patient’s glaucoma, treatments like eye drops, medications, and surgery may be required. 

How Glaucoma Can Be Prevented 

eye doctorGlaucoma can be prevented in a variety of ways. The most important thing you can do is see your optometrist regularly for checkups. If your doctor spots signs of the disease, they can take steps to treat you before significant damage to your optic nerve occurs.

You can also avert glaucoma by telling your physician about your family history. Since the condition runs in families, this information will allow your doctor to keep a lookout for glaucoma now and in the future.

Finally, protect yourself from the effects of a damaged optic nerve by wearing eye protection and follow your eye doctor’s recommendations for care, including the use of preventative eye drops. 

You can protect yourself against the damaging effects of common eye conditions. To see your eye doctor about glaucoma, call Reed Eye Associates at (585) 249-8300. For more information about their primary eye care services at six convenient area locations, including Irondequoit and Rochester, visit their website.

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