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5 Kinds of Full-Service Car Washes Available in Orange County March 31, 2017

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5 Kinds of Full-Service Car Washes Available in Orange County, Goshen, New York

With summer on its way, many people are starting to get their cars ready for long trips or daytime adventures to the park. Preparing for the warm weather also means washing off all the road salt and other vestiges of winter. People looking for a full-service car wash to brighten up their vehicle in Orange County, NY, might wonder what kinds of services are available, and Warwick Car Wash Oil Express has the answers. Along with their sister location, Goshen Car Wash Oil Express, they provide top-rated, budget-friendly car washes to area drivers.

5 Full-Service Car Washes You Can Get in Orange County

1. The Express

The most affordable service offered, the Express wash includes an exterior soft-cloth wash and hand towel drying. Drivers can also choose from three additional services, such as interior vacuuming, for a small extra fee.

2. The Super

full-service car washThe Super wash takes the Express one step further, with brake dust and rim cleaners applied, along with an undercarriage wash. Afterward, a clear sealant is applied to the vehicle’s surface.

3. The Deluxe

This wash offers all the benefits of the previous options, with an additional application of a triple-foam polish. This guarantees your car will really shine when you take it on the road.

4. The Works

With the Works wash, customers get not only a fantastic exterior clean, but also interior vacuuming, window cleaning, and the application of an air freshener spray.

5. The Wildcat Wash

The ultimate full-service car wash ensures your vehicle truly shines inside and out. From shampooed floor mats to scrubbed cup holders and consoles, your car will be completely clean at the end. 

If you want to get your car ready to hit the road, call Warwick Car Wash Oil Express. They’re available to assist you with everything from a full-service car wash to an oil change. For more information about all their services, just dial (845) 986-9966. You can also find out more about the Warwick location online. Call (845) 294-2488 to reach Goshen Car Wash Oil Express, or check out their website to learn more.

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