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A Kids’ Dentist Offers 3 Tips to Fight Foul Breath April 5, 2017

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A Kids’ Dentist Offers 3 Tips to Fight Foul Breath, Anchorage, Alaska

Unfortunately, the morning breath monster doesn’t only come creeping out in the AM. Bad breath can strike at any time of day—but there are some steps you can take to stave it off. Here, the kids’ dentists at Alaska Dentistry for Kids in Anchorage explain some child-friendly ways you can help keep your little one’s breath minty fresh all day long.

3 Kids’ Dentist-Approved Tips for Keeping Breath Fresh

1. Check Brushing & Flossing

Start with the basics! Regular brushing and flossing are essential for keeping breath fresh and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Getting oral hygiene habits right can be especially tricky for kids. Keep an eye on your little one’s routine and make sure they’re brushing and flossing correctly, providing help as needed.

2. Keep Kids Hydrated

children's dentistThe saliva that naturally keeps your mouth moist helps clean away harmful bacteria and debris that would otherwise set up camp between your teeth. If you get dehydrated, this natural cleaning fluid can dry up, making for a stinky, bacteria-laden mouth. Make sure your child is drinking enough water, milk, and juice with minimal sugar. Have them steer clear of soda, which can damage the enamel that protects their teeth.

3. Turn to Tongue Scraping

You can also incorporate daily tongue scraping into your child’s teeth cleaning routine. This further helps remove the bacteria and particles that can lead to bad breath. Most kids’ dentists recommend scraping in the morning. Supervise your little one as you teach them this new step to add to their oral hygiene toolbox.

If you notice your child’s bad breath persists despite their best oral hygiene efforts, visit the dentist. A dental care professional can offer additional recommendations and, more importantly, make sure the bad breath isn’t due to underlying health issues. If you’re in need of a kids’ dentist in Anchorage, look to Alaska Dentistry for Kids. They can help with all kinds of oral health care issues, from filling a cavity to finding a way to battle foul breath. Visit their website or call (907) 274-2525 to request an appointment.

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