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Brooklyn Auto Experts Answer Your FAQs About the Fuel Injection System March 29, 2017

Ocean Hill, Brooklyn
Brooklyn Auto Experts Answer Your FAQs About the Fuel Injection System, Brooklyn, New York

Despite being a common method of injecting fuel into an automotive engine (including all diesel engines), many people don’t fully understand how a fuel injection system works. To help you better understand what the system is and how it has made a difference, the team at Discount Auto Repair in Brooklyn, NY, is here to answer a few common questions.

5 Fuel Injection FAQs

How Does Fuel Injection Work?

Fuel injection is the process by which fuel is supplied for the engine’s combustion process, allowing the vehicle to move. Modern diesel and gasoline engines use direct injection, in which a rail fuel line supplies fuel to the combustion chamber without the assistance of an intake tract.

What are the Benefits of Fuel Injection?

fuel injectionFuel injection has been found to reduce emission levels and improve fuel efficiency, benefitting both the environment and your wallet. In addition, fuel injection also gives vehicles better cold starting and idling capabilities, as well as improved throttle response.

Who Invented the Fuel Injection System?

Herbert Akroyd Stuart is often credited with developing the first device that was similar to current fuel injectors. Stuart’s jerk pump would supply high-pressure fuel to the injector, and it was used on another one of his inventions — the hot bulb engine. Other early pioneers in fuel injection include Jonas Hesselman and Leon Levavasseur.

How Long Have Fuel Injectors Been Used?

Despite being developed in the early 1900s, fuel injection systems didn’t gain widespread use until the 1980s, when auto manufacturers in the United States, Japan, and Europe began to phase out carburetors in an effort to comply with exhaust emission regulations. Today, the vast majority of automobiles use an electronic fuel injection system.

Whether you need help with your vehicle’s fuel injection system or another component, the team at Discount Auto Repair will help you get your vehicle back into top shape. To learn more about their auto tune-up services, visit them online or call (718) 922-7079.

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