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A Bronx Health Center Explains Why School Sports Physicals Are Important March 30, 2017

Morrisania, Bronx
A Bronx Health Center Explains Why School Sports Physicals Are Important , Bronx, New York

Whether your second grader is trying out for soccer for the first time or is already a volleyball superstar, every child needs a physical to play sports safely. These are a state-mandated requirement for a reason: They help ensure every kid can get in the game without risking their health. Today, the caring pediatrics team from the Bronx, New York’s top health center, CCN General Medicine at the Boston Road Medical Center, explains why these physicals are essential for every child athlete.

During the sports physical, the doctor will review your little one’s medical history, including injuries and cardiovascular issues. The physician will assess their vital signs and conduct a general health exam, which includes taking your child’s blood pressure and pulse, testing their vision, and checking the health of their lungs and heart. The doctor will also take the time to evaluate your child’s posture, strength, and flexibility. Any issues detected, such as an irregular heartbeat, asthma, or knee instability, will be addressed. 

health centerVisiting your local health center for a sports physical not only helps ensure your child is well enough to play the game, but it will also provide valuable information about their overall wellness. If there are any risk factors or illnesses present, it’s best to treat them sooner for a better outcome. Additionally, a physical will inform you if your child needs to take additional precautions while playing their favorite sport.

To keep your child strong and healthy, visit the Bronx’s top medical center. For more information about how CCN General Medicine at the Boston Road Medical Center can help your child, call a friendly professional today at (718) 569-7929. You can also visit the health center online.