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3 Reasons to Schedule a Residential Tree Service in Early Spring March 28, 2017

Broken Arrow, Tulsa County
3 Reasons to Schedule a Residential Tree Service in Early Spring, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Do you know when it’s the ideal time to hire a residential tree service? Whether it’s to remove dead branches or cut away limbs overhanging electrical wires, tree trimming is a task that could go a long way to improving the health of these leafy giants. If you’re unsure when to make this appointment, connect with the arborists at D & S Tree Service. Known throughout Broken Arrow, OK, for their superior tree service, these professionals specialize in both residential and commercial tree trimming and will be happy to explain when you should tend to your trees.

Most arborists will tell you that the optimum season to have a residential tree service come trim your trees is either in late winter or early spring because it’s just before the trees focus all their energy on growing new leaves and branches. This way, they have a full reserve of resources stored up that will help the healing process go quickly and smoothly.

Here are the top three benefits of annual tree trimming:

  • Tree’s Health: The health of a tree depends largely on how it’s cared for throughout the year. This includes cutting off dead or decaying branches to prevent the spread of disease and strategic pruning to encourage growth.
  • residential tree serviceIncreased Safety: The longer dead branches are left in a tree, the greater their chances are of falling suddenly and causing injury or damage. Eliminate the danger by having a residential tree service examine the tree and remove any questionable branches.
  • Improve Appearance: Commercial properties are all about making a good first impression, and one way this is accomplished is through regular tree trimming. These professionals know the techniques for helping a tree maintain its uniform look and will implement the required methods to get the job done right.

Haven’t had your trees trimmed since last year? One of the knowledgeable arborists from D & S Tree Service will be available to answer any questions you may have. Schedule your appointment today with the top commercial and residential tree service in Broken Arrow by calling (918) 200-8937. Visit their website for additional information.