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At the JEI Learning Center in Williamsburg, we believe that a better life is achieved through a better education. If your child is having some trouble with their math, English, reading, or writing abilities, we are here to help. Our instructors are specifically trained in the self-learning method that inspires students to think on their own, and become more independent, creative, and confident in the process. If you want to check out our center, drop by today at 60 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY, 11211.

JEI Learning Center Offers Tips for Enhanced Reading Comprehension March 29, 2017

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
JEI Learning Center Offers Tips for Enhanced Reading Comprehension, Brooklyn, New York

Every parent is elated when their child learns to read. But aside from sounding out words, how can you determine how much they understand? Some parents notice their kids going through the motions and reading aloud instead of following the story or comprehending the concepts. If this situation speaks to you, JEI Learning Center of South San Jose suggests the following reading comprehension strategies to help your kids become stronger readers. 

Talk About Real-Life Experiences

Children learn important reading comprehension skills when they can relate to the story, which is why parents should work with their kids to make connections to the material. For example, if your child is reading a book about going to the beach, ask them if they remember visiting the seaside last summer. When kids look for similarities and differences between their life and the story, they are more likely to remember the material.

Teach Context Clues

reading comprehensionAs your child starts reading more advanced books, the material will become less obvious. For example, characters might display subtle clues that give the reader hints as to what is to come. Teach your child to look for context clues in the story to create a subtextual narrative. For example, if the character is flushed and sneezing frequently, they might be suffering from a cold. Looking for context clues encourages your child to pay attention to nuances and details throughout the story.

Summarize the Story

After your child is finished, encourage them to summarize what they read. Ask your little one to relay the story from start to finish and include as many details as possible. People tend to remember better when they know they will be recounting the story later. 

Does your child need help with reading? In addition to working with them at home, consider enrollment at the JEI Learning Center of South San Jose. This dynamic facility offers a variety of problem-solving programs, including reading comprehension, math help, and summer enrichment. For more information about the learning center, visit them online or call (408) 270-6162.

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