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A Beginner's Guide to BBQ: 7 Essential Terms July 13, 2017

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A Beginner's Guide to BBQ: 7 Essential Terms , La Crosse, Wisconsin

The best BBQ makes your mouth water while the meat falls off the bone. That’s the kind of lip-smacking cuisine you’ll find at Famous Dave’s in La Crosse, WI. The restaurant’s pitmaster, Dave Anderson, has won over 700 awards for his authentic BBQ recipes. It takes years to perfect the craft, but the experts at Famous Dave’s hope to encourage aspiring pitmasters with explanations to the following basic terms. 

7 Fundamental BBQ Terms

  • Pitmaster: The big boss charged with transforming a raw hunk of meat into a glistening specimen of delicious BBQ. 
  • Briquettes: These small black nuggets are made of compressed carbonized sawdust charcoal, and they’re used to fuel the flame that will cook the meat.
  • Rub: Seasoning added to or “rubbed” on raw meat before it is introduced to heat. Traditional BBQ seasonings are usually a combination of herbs, sugar, and salt. Great pitmasters never reveal what’s in their rubs.
  • BBQBark: The rub can form a crunchy outer layer around the meat once the BBQ process is complete. That yummy crunch is commonly called the bark or crust.
  • Caramelization: The process of heating sugar to such a high degree that it browns due to oxidation. Caramelization doesn’t just happen with sugar. It also occurs with foods that contain sugar, like fruit, onions, or meat covered in a sweet BBQ sauce.
  • Brisket: A specific cut of meat that comes from the lower chest or breast of a cow or calf. This cut is tough but becomes tender when cooked correctly.   
  • Shiner: Shiners are generally avoided. They develop when too much meat has been cut from ribs, making the bones “shine” through the remaining edible layer.

Knowing these terms and why they’re important is a step towards crafting the best BBQ dishes, but it takes time and experience to become a pitmaster in your own right. In the meantime, stop by Famous Dave's and dig into something delicious. Their authentic BBQ and tasty side dishes will make you wish you had a bigger stomach. Visit their website to see their full menu. You can also call (608) 779-4100 to arrange catering and bring caramelized ribs to your next big event.

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