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Auto Glass Repair Experts Discuss How to Properly Maintain Your Windshield March 21, 2017

Park Towne, Madison
Auto Glass Repair Experts Discuss How to Properly Maintain Your Windshield, Madison, Wisconsin

Spring is officially here, which means warm weather is on the way! According to your local ABRA Auto collision repair center, these temperature changes may feel great, but they can actually damage your windshield. To keep yours in top condition this season, check out their auto glass repair specialists’ three best windshield maintenance tips.

Top 3 Windshield Maintenance Tips

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

If your windshield or windows are tinted, you should always park in a covered space. Extended exposure to direct sunlight can cause the treatment to fade or, in more severe cases, bubble.

2. Increase the AC in Stagesauto glass repair

In the spring and summer months, you may be tempted to turn your AC on full blast as soon as you enter your vehicle. However, for the sake of your windshield, you should increase the air in small increments. If you create too drastic of a temperature difference between the interior and the exterior, ABRA’s collision repair technicians explain, you can cause cracks and shatters.

3. Keep Glass Dry

If your car is wet, extreme heat can damage the bond that surrounds the perimeter of your windshield. Try storing a cloth in your trunk, so you can wipe your windshield dry after you wash your car or drive through a rainstorm.

Trust ABRA Auto for World-Class Auto Glass Repair!

If you sustain damage from any of the above scenarios, you can rely on your local ABRA Auto to repair and restore your windshield. For more on their auto body and auto glass repair services, visit their website.

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